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Staff Introductions

It is an honor to introduce to you all: Charlotte McNeal, MSHCA, BSN, RN, Community Liaison

Charlotte grew up in the small farming community of Oak Grove, LA. She attended Kilbourne High School and graduated in 1982. She has always had a love for taking care of people and decided on the life path of Nursing. She attended Northeast Louisiana University from 1982-1987 and there received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. It was also during this time she discovered she had a real love for management and serving in leadership roles. She started out as a Resident Assistant with the NLU Housing Department and progressed to the position of Director of Ouachita Hall before graduating. Charlotte will tell anyone who listens she has 3 great loves in the arena of Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Home Health Nursing, and Hospice Nursing. Over the last 30 years she has worked as a Regional Clinical Director for homecare, Director of marketing and sales for Hospice, Clinical Director for Hospice, Executive Director for Hospice and became a Certified Psychiatric Nurse during her tenure as a Psychiatric Nurse. It was while serving in these various leadership roles she obtained her Master of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration. She loves "giving back" to the community as evident through her years of volunteering. She has served on the Governing Board of the Monroe YMCA, past school board member of St. Paschal School, past board member of Med Camps of Louisiana and a past member of the Monroe Junior League. Charlotte is currently working in the role of Community Liaison for Ascend Hospice Care and we are so blessed to have her here. Of her big 3 Nursing loves, Hospice is the number 1 for her. "It is the greatest honor of my professional life to be allowed to be present and help during the very special journey that patients and families take during the end of life process."

Thank you Charlotte for everything you do for our patients

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