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Team Member Spotlight: Annette Branco

This week's Team Member Spotlight is one of our beloved RN Case Managers, Annette Branco!Annette was born and raised in Pineville, Louisiana and only left after being swept off her feet, on the only blind date she ever went on, by her husband, of now 33 years, Don.❤️ Eighteen years ago she was blessed with her daughter, Lydia, and she is now watching her pursue her dreams of becoming an Experimental Pyschologist at LSUA.Just 23 years ago Annette graduated from "Northeast" in pursuing her own dream of becoming a nurse. After many years of caring for patients across all areas, it only took her 6 years in Hospice care to know that Hospice is where she belongs. She loves her patients and loves creating all of the positive experiences for her patients at this stage of their lives. She says it is the things like pain management, resolving problems and complaints, and aiding in peaceful passing that give her heart joy knowing that she is truly helping her patients, and their loved ones. When a company hears an employee say "I know I'm where God wants me to be," that validates so much about the care we strive to provide and the mission that defines us. We sure thank Him for sending us great team members like Annette. 🙌❤️ When she goes home and takes of her superhero stethoscope👩‍⚕️, she enjoys the simple things in life, like: reading, watching Street Outlaws, the rare decoupage when time allows, and, of course, the company of her family (four-legged family included.). Annette has four cats🐱🐈 and jokes that there would be a few dogs in the mix if her husband was more of a dog person.😂Annette thinks she actually has a boring life outside of work, but I'm here to tell y'all, I saw the spark when she talked about Street Outlaws and her love of "watching" Drag Racing. So, I had to ask... "Have you ever been involved or do you really just 'watch'?" To which she replied "She only watches. BUT, don't test her at a red light!" 🚗💨😳🤣🤣Thank you Annette, for all that you do!!! 🙌#AscendTeamMemberSpotlight #Wife #Mom #Nurse #CrazyCatLady #DragRacing

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